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Torbjörn on Attack!?

A Brief Guide on How to Play Torbjörn While Attacking

The idea of playing Torbjörn on attack was brought to my attention during the sudden death round of a competitive match. After the coin flip my team was slated to attack the objective and to my surprise a high ranking member of my squad decided to play as Torbjörn. The match surprisingly ended with a victory and post match I was speechless and wanted to learn more about this crazy meta-breaking strategy.


Torbjörn is best played as a supportive zone-defender who can efficiently lock down a small area of any map as well as provide an armor buff for his teammates. With this in mind a successful offensive Torbjörn player should attempt to safely engage the enemy team while remaining within reasonable proximity of his turret. Too often players camp near their turret in an effort to repair any damage done to it. Although this is an effective way to ensure that your turret keeps the enemy under the pressure of suppressing fire it minimizes Torbjörns’ combat effectiveness.

To maximize Torbjörns’ effectiveness while attacking you should practice creating a defensive area in which you can freely roam and attack the enemy team while being covered by your turret. If this is done successfully you have the potential to rack up numerous kills which can hinder the enemy's performance in team fights and provide armor for your fellow teammates to increase their survivability while attacking.

Turret placement is also of paramount importance when attacking with Torbjörn and unlike playing him on defense your turret must be dynamic and its location should be constantly changing in order to adapt to the shifting position of a payload for example.

When choosing a position to place your turret make sure to take into account Torbjörns’ direct counters: Pharah, Widowmaker, Symmetra, Genji, and Tracer. Choosing an area that inhibits the ability of one or more of these counters to attack your turret dramatically increases your overall effectiveness. For starters placing your turret indoors almost eliminates Pharah as a threat to your turret since her hard-hitting projectiles cannot reach most indoor targets while she is in flight. Indoor locations also put pressure on Tracer and Genji by effectively decreasing the ways in which they can engage your turret as well as limit the ways they can escape your turrets direct fire.

By placing your turret in an area with a wall to its right or left should greatly limit the capability of Symmetra from damaging your turret. Symmetra players rarely advance past the area their turrets guard and by placing your turret on the opposing side of the entry way a Symmetra is guarding will capitalize on any mistakes she may make as well as keep her entrenched long enough for your teammates to eliminate her or her turrets. It also protects your turrets from the devastating power of her slow moving alternate fire projectile that she can easily hit your turret with if not properly placed.

Lastly by avoid long lines of sight and ensuring that your turret is within the blind spot of a Widowmaker will increase the lifespan of your turret exponential for Widowmaker can easily remain outside of your turrets targeting range while engaging it.

In addition, I would also advise against playing Torbjorn on control point maps such as Ilios, Nepal, and Lijiang Tower because the objectives you are battling over are extremely hectic and through first hand experience I found it very difficult construct your turret and advance it to level 2 without it getting utterly annihilated a few seconds after I placed it.

To help y'all out with your turret placement I have uploaded pictures of some maps marked with possible turret locations below!

Maps With Possible Turret Locations Marked 

Assault Maps


Temple of Anubis
Temple of Anubis Torbjorn Turret Placements

Volskaya Industries


Escort Maps


Route 66

Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Hybrid Maps


Kings Row

King's Row Torbjorn Turret Placement


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