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The Problem With Overwatch's Skill Rating System

The current Skill Rating system in Competitive Overwatch significantly favors damage dealers and tanks over their healing counterparts. 

Current Issue

Within the current Competitive Overwatch system healers like Lucio and Mercy are having a much harder time increasing their Skill Rating despite their massive contribution to the welfare of their team. The issue originates from team performance and its severity is based upon how well or how poorly a team performs in a competitive match.

If two teams are battling, lets dub them Team A and Team B, and for examples sake lets say that Team A is constantly damaging Team B while Team B has not done a single point of damage to Team A. Since players on Team A have received no damage their support player will attain little to no skill rating gain because they were unable to heal their teammates despite probably winning the match by a large margin.

Although the support player on Team B has the potential to attain a higher value of healing since his teammates are constantly being damaged his efforts are almost meaningless since his team will most likely lose the match. Essentially, heroes like Mercy and Lucio benefit if their team performs poorly, but wins the match because they are able to obtain a higher healing value and therefore attain a large gain in Skill Rating. Sadly in practice this never occurs because if a team performs poorly they will most likely lose the match and their skill ratings will drop regardless.

Possible Solutions For Mercy

Since Mercy’s primary avenue for attaining skill rating is derivative of the amount she heals her teammates, efforts should be made to increase the ways in which she attains points toward her total healing value. For starters when Mercy Resurrects an ally or allies she could receive healing points based upon the total HP of the allies she has revived. So if Mercy were to resurrect a Roadhog and a Tracer, She would attain 750 points to her total healing done value since Roadhog and Tracer have a collective health pool of 750 HP (150 + 600 = 750). This should effectively increase the total amount of healing that Mercy is capable of which should in turn increase Skill Rating gain. Additionally when Mercy is providing a damage boost to her teammates she could receive points toward her total damage dealt value from the extra damage done by the ally she is assisting. For example, Soldier 76’s pulse rifle does 17 points of damage at its optimal range and if Mercy were to provide him with a damage boost she would increase his damage by 5.1 damage points. If Mercy were to receive those 5.1 points of damage toward her damage dealt value for every successful shot Soldier 76 fires while she is damage boosting him her total damage dealt value would exponentially increase and her Skill Rating potential would proliferate.

Possible Solutions For Lucio

Lucio is a passive healer who aids all teammates within close proximity to him, and therefore has less hardship attaining a Skill Rating analogous to a damage dealing hero or tank when compared to Mercy. Despite this minor benefit there is still a hindrance present that must be rectified if Lucio is to receive equitable Skill Ratings to the other heroes in overmatches cast.

In order to increase the amount of total healing Lucio is capable of a minor change in the function of his ultimate ability could significantly increase the amount of skill rating earned. If a teammate that is affected by his ultimate is not at full HP Lucio could receive healing points for the amount of health the effected injured teammate has lost. So if Lucio were to utilize his ultimate ability on an injured ally Mei who has 140 HP Lucio would receive 60 points of healing since Mei has a max health of 200 HP. 

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ArtesMan1989 · a few seconds ago

Good article I think mercy should get credit for damage boosting her team.

otherwise we have Zenyatta ( viable now ) and ana depending on how good the player is with her.

But it sucks being a support in soloQ for Real.