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Sombra the Sniper Healer Hybrid

News has broken about an upcoming hero that Blizzard are teasing; a sniper-healer hybrid named Sombra. Not much is currently known about Overwatch's newest character.

Who is the new hero? A lot of speculation points to it being Sombra, a support sniper who was supposed to have died (though the same was said of Soldier and Reaper), who may also be Pharah’s mother. Reaper also seems to have a connection to Sombra, but not much is known about that just yet.

Sombra’s kit looks very unique.  A sniper support hybrid is a new archetype for Overwatch.  One possible application is a dual weapon; something that heals and damages, somewhat similar to Mercy’s staff. Very soon, we could be seeing a sniper sitting above the fray, sniping down enemies, and refilling allies’ health bars in quick succession.

The big question is how this is going to work: is it going to be a AOE heal over time? Or is it going to be a burst heal, where she shoots an area that provides an instant heal in a radius? There’s also the possibility of it being a direct heal, where she has to shoot her ally directly to heal them. All of these kits sound extremely fun to us!

As for her damage-dealing capabilities, based on the picture’s contents and Mercy’s annoyance and concern, we fully expect the rifle to output some form of damage. What that damage is, remains to be seen.  It could potentially be a damage over time similar to Widowmaker’s mine.

Perhaps this is Blizzard’s response to the criticism that snipers are often found not doing anything other than sitting on top of a roof, not contributing much to the team. We think this is Blizzard’s way of getting snipers more involved in the whole team and developing a closer tie, as opposed to the more isolated experience to be found when playing Hanzo or Widowmaker.

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