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Sombra, Our Savior!

Sombra has been officially unveiled and she's sure to shake things up. A meta dominated by Zarya, Lucio, Reinhardt and Ana has become quite stale to watch. It’s about time we get the counter Overwatch deserves.


Enter Sombra, our Savior. The anti-meta hero we’ve all been waiting for. Shields shall be shattered and the meta will never be the same. Sombra’s ult EMP can be thought of as an AoE silence that also negates shields and barriers. This is HUGE.

Zarya becomes a shell of her former self. With only 200 health and no cooldowns she will quickly be picked off. Lucio and Zenyatta’s ults are completely negated by Sombra. Say goodbye to Reinhardt’s shields. Say hello to a 50 health Zenyatta. Sombra effectively counters most tanks and supports.

Sombra can be thought of as a support flanker. Surprisingly her damage is rather high. The SMG is very similar to Soldier: 76’s gun but with a bit more spread. Matched with her utility she truly is a force to be reckoned with. She uses her stealth to get past enemy lines and to create openings for a team to get kills and take objectives. Once enough havoc has been dished out she can teleport back to safety with her Translocator. She can be used proactively to zone enemies by hacking health packs and scouting for the team. Her passive ability allows her to see all enemies below 50% health! This alone makes her invaluable.

Sombra will require a coordinated team to shine. She won’t be the best pick at lower levels of play but once her full potential is realized and unlocked she becomes a force to be reckoned with.

We are excited to see how much Sombra shall shake up the meta. It’s been dictated by supports for so long it’s great to finally have a hero that counters them all.

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