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Post Ana Patch Meta Analysis

We've created a graph of the hero pick rates from the past weekends tournaments.  Each hero is listed with the total playtime in minutes that they were used in the tournaments.  From this data we can create tier lists.

S Tier: McCree, Zenyatta, Lucio
A Tier: Genji, D.Va, Reinhardt, Zarya
B Tier: Winston
C Tier: Reaper, Mercy, Roadhog, Tracer, Soldier: 76
F Tier: Junkrat, Ana, Torbjorn, Pharah, Widowmaker, Mei, Bastion, Hanzo, Symmetra


It's High Noon...Again..
Blizzard may have went a little overboard with the McCree buff this patch. We are very surprised that they haven't learned their lesson yet. McCree is back to being the sniper, anti-flanker, mid ranged threat that he was before the nerf. The simple change of removing his fall off damage has brought him rolling back into the top tier.  Because McCree is back to being in every game Pharah has shot down to F tier and Soldier: 76 has fallen down to C tier.  What's interesting is that his secondary Fan the Hammer is almost completely useless. You won't see any of the pro's using his right click at all with some reports of many unbinding it altogether. Apparently Blizzard is attempting to balance McCree internally as we speak.  Will they get it right this time? We personally don't have very much faith anymore.

The Death of Mercy
In a very interesting turn of events Mercy has dropped down from being in every single game to the bottom of the tier list. Zenyatta and Lucio have replaced her as the core healers now. Many people thought that the changes to her were a buff but it looks like a combination of a few things have almost completely removed her from the meta. Zenyatta's massive buffs combined with the discord orb and McCree's changes have made these two must picks.  Lucio synergizes well with these two by using his speed boost to increase their mobility. Pro-active use of Zenyatta's ult can be even more powerful than a full rez.  We predict to see even less Mercy as the meta matures.

Genji and D. Va to the top
Genji was already top tier before the patch but with the removal of his two biggest counters in Pharah and Winston he has risen to become a must pick.  He is also Zenyatta's biggest threat. Unfortunately Pharah is virtually unplayable now because of the McCree changes. D. Va has risen to primarily overtake Winston's role. She has just as much mobility and now with her defense matrix changes has even more survability than Winston. Additionally the one hero limit has made the use of Winston a lot less effective.  D. Va is seeing more play time than Reinhardt which is a pretty big change. Her defense matrix has taken up Reinhardt's role a bit. 

Almost every game was composed of the following core heroes: McCree, Zenyatta, Lucio, Genji, D. Va and Reinhardt.

Some thoughts

  • Discord orb might be too powerful at the moment
  • We hope to see some more balance for McCree so that Soldier: 76 and Widowmaker can compete for his spot.  Hopefully Blizzard can find a middle ground between useless and OP.
  • We think that Reaper, Roadhog, Tracer, Winston will get to see more play as the meta develops
  • 9 Heroes are virtually unplayable in the current meta and they are almost all categorized as defense. A serious look needs to be taken at the entire defense line-up to bring them on par with offense characters
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