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Overwatch Begins its Golden Age in eSports

With the recent launch of a $300,000 tournament airing on TBS, many premier eSports organizations acquiring overwatch rosters, and even Shaq himself recruiting top players so begins Overwatch’s golden age in eSports.

Overwatch is quickly becoming a mainstream eSport and many organizations are taking note. Only two months after it’s launch Overwatch is crossing boundaries that many have yet to cross. It’s getting a primetime spot on TV. With League of Legend’s NA LCS viewership starting to decline and it’s topple as the most popular game in Korea many believe that Overwatch will one day take over it’s spot as the most popular eSport.

Overwatch still has a lot of areas it needs to improve upon if it wants to become a premiere eSport. The lack of skilled casters and observers is a serious problem. Many casters from other games are trying to stake a claim in Overwatch without even following the game.  

The community is at a critical point where it still has a real chance to shape and impact what Overwatch eSports will become. For now, it’s a rather exciting time as viewership levels and prize pools continue to quickly grow.

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