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New patch will seismically shift the meta

New patches always create big splashes in the meta. With the introduction of a new hero, three hero reworks, self-healing charging ults, numerous balance changes and the tweaking of overtime we strongly feel that this patch is going to create a seismic shift in the meta.

  • Mercy will still be the best support and she received a huge buffMercy Pixel Art
    • There was some doubts at the start but the Mercy rework is a massive buff
    • Her survivability has been increased and the damage boost buff from 30% to 50% is insane
    • Ult charge reduction of 30% is negligible when you align it with the other self-healing nerfs
  • Ana will be a flex pick / secondary support but she won't’ be as strong as Mercy or Lucio
    • Her damage is below Zenyatta’s but her utility is a lot higher
    • She has one escape (sleep dart) but zero mobility. A good tracer will make her difficult to play well
    • If her kit is used correctly to stop enemy ults, buff allies ults, do decent healing and damage we can see her making a large impact on the game
    • But her lack of mobility and the prevalence of Tracers makes us believe that she won’t see as much play as the top tier supports
  • Zenyatta is back to being a top tier supportZenyatta Pixel Art
    • His damage is greater than Ana by a large margin but still lacks survivability and mobility (except with his ult) similar to Ana
    • His synergy with Mercy’s damage buff is insane and this is the reason why we believe he will see a lot of play
    • The projectile speed buff is massive as well
  • D.Va will become the queen bee she's meant to be
    • People have underestimated her buffs
    • Defense Matrix and Ult have both been buffed substantially
    • Will still be a more specialized tank but will be able to compete on the same level as the Tier 2 tanks
  • Soldier 76 averages out with a huge nerf for high level players but a buff for average players
    • The recoil nerf is very big for high level players who were able to abuse it
    • The changes to self healing charging ults is a big buff for him
  • McCree is slowly coming backMcCree Pixel Art
    • His buff is huge and he was already starting to come back into the meta as a way to deal with Pharah and Tracer. His buff as well as Mercy’s damage increase is going to result in increased play
    • Can one shot Pharah’s from afar
    • Will compete with Widow and Soldier: 76 now
  • Roadhog will be seeing less play
    • 45% increase in his ult cost is fairly significant
    • The change in self healing charging ults is a buff to him
  • Overtime will be much shorter
    • After 20 seconds the clock starts to burn down faster
    • Death timers have been increased from 2 to 3 seconds

Overall we think that this patch is going to have a huge effect on the meta.  The largest area will be the support picks. We will start seeing more specialized picks to deal with situations. Unfortunately we predict that Mercy and Lucio will still remain the top tier picks but there is potential to see some matches without those two heroes. To us the Zenyatta buff and Ana’s introduction is the most exciting part of the patch.  I have a feeling both are going to be used in some rather unique situations by pro players quite often. Unfortunately, we still feel that Mercy is massively overpowered and this negatively affects the meta. Due to her resurrect and now her damage boost every team is going to be forced to pick Mercy. This creates predictable fights and team compositions as well as a stale meta.

The D.Va and Roadhog changes are also quite interesting. Reinhardt and Zarya will still reign supreme but I think we now have a serious competition for the third best tank. Winston, D.Va and Roadhog will all be useful in certain situations which will create even more diversity in the meta.

Soldier: 76’s ult was already one of the best in the game and now with the ability to generate ult charge from his own self-healing we are going to be seeing it charge a lot faster. We wonder why Roadhog’s ult charge was increased by 45% while Soldier: 76’s was only increased by 10%. They both have similar self healing capabilities, so the change should be more aligned.

McCree’s buff was with the intention to make him able to compete with Soldier: 76’s spot. While we see him being played more we still think that he is a tier below Soldier: 76. That being said McCree has other uses and we think we will see him appear a lot more in the meta.

The overtime changes are going to have a huge affect on the meta.  It remains to be seen how much faster the timer will tick but this change as well as the spawn time increase is going to make it a lot more difficult to stall out matches.  We saw some pros able to stall out overtime matches by 5+ minutes in some cases but this will no longer be the case.

The main purpose of the PTR isn’t for balance changes. As a result, we feel that all of these changes will make it to live.

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ArtesMan1989 · a few seconds ago

Feels like it will be 1 ana/zenyatta and then lucio/mercy, 2 tanks and 2 dps for what I can predict.