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Mercy nerfed? D.Va and Zenyatta buffed

Mercy's ult charge time will take longer to charge. She can now ult while moving to increase survivability and right click will be buffed. Is this a nerf or a buff?! It's still early to tell.

Zenyatta has received a huge buff! Tier S meta pick here we come. Read below for details.

D.Va buffed a bit but she still seems like a lame duck.

Mercy's getting a huge re-work! Her ult is getting nerfed. The charge time is going to take a lot longer, but she can now ult while moving to increase her own survivability. Her right click is going to get buffed.  Is this a nerf or a buff? Too soon to tell.

  • Ult cost increased by 30%
  • Can now use ult while moving
  • Ult charges a lot slower
  • Damage boost increased from 30% to 50%, no longer stacks

Have they gone overboard with these changes to Mercy? She was already one of the strongest heroes in the game and necessary for every single competitive team composition. If her ult charge time is nerfed enough we feel that these are good changes but overall it looks like a buff.

Zenyatta is getting more shields, and he goes a lot faster when he uses his ultimate. Looks like he could come back into the meta!

  • Base shields increased by 50 (now 50 health/150 shield)
  • Ult now heals 300 health per second as opposed to 200
  • Moves twice as fast when using transcendence
  • Projectile speed on Orb of Discord and Orb of Harmony increased from 30 to 120

These buffs could potentially make him a Tier S top meta pick. We think that we will be seeing a lot more Zenyatta!

D.Va's matrix has been changed to operate similarly to Pharah's jet booster: Hold to activate matrix and deplete an energy reserve. Is this enough of a change to bring her back? Seems doubtful but we won't know until we try it out ourselves.

  • Defense Matrix has a one second cooldown
  • Similar to Pharah's jet booster
  • Ultimate cost decreased by 15%
  • Explosion delay reduced from 4 seconds to 3 seconds
  • Explosion no longer damages D.Va

We feel like these buffs won't be great enough to bring D.Va as a top tier pick.

Other Notes:

  • Self healing now charges ultimate abilities. As a result several herores ult costs have been adjusted including: Roadhog, Soldier: 76, Mercy, Lucio, and Bastion.
  • Sudden death timers have been increased by 2 seconds and the timer will now burn down more quickly

Overall we think these are really good changes. The developers are listening to the community and are quick to respond with solutions. We hope that this tones down Mercy's ult a bit as it's currently way too powerful.  Hopefully the Zenyatta buff's improve him enough to bring him in the meta.

Official patch notes

All of these changes are live on the PTR today! Other big news includes a one hero limit for competitive play. And Overwatch's first new hero Ana Amira a sniper healer hybrid!

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