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Examining Ana's Kit

Ana, Overwatch’s newest hero joins the fray! She’s a support type hero that packs a lot of tricks up her sleeve. We examine her kit and abilities as well as showcase a gameplay video.


  • No mobility at all, only escape option is Sleep Dart.
  • Her hit box on friendlies is HUGE. It's about 50% bigger than hanzo arrows.
  • Her hit box on enemies is tiny tiny. Less than anyone else I tested today


  • Hip-fired shots projectile, scoped shots are hitscan.
  • 80 damage per hit, dealt over a short time (~1 second).
  • No headshot multiplier.
  • 6 shots per magazine, 1 shot per trigger pull (unlike gameplay trailer).
  • Heals allies instantly for 75 health.

Sleep Dart

  • 12 second cooldown.
  • Projectile like Mei alt-fire.
  • Sleep for 6 seconds.
  • Enemy wakes when taking damage.
  • 5 damage.


  • 10 second cooldown.
  • Detonates on impact.
  • Long range (unlike McCree's Flashbang).
  • 60 damage to enemies, no fall-off.
  • Heals self and allies for 100.
  • Boosts allied healing by 100%, reduces enemy healing by 100%.
  • Effect lasts ~5-6 seconds.


  • Boost ally damage by 50%.
  • Reduce ally damage taken by 30%.
  • Increase ally speed by ?.
  • Boost duration 8 seconds.


  • Ana is going to have a difficult time solo-healing teams unless the player has some mad sniping skills.
  • She looks to be more of a ‘utility’ type support but we will have to see her in action.
  • A skilled Ana has the potential to GREATLY affect the outcome of the game. She can stop ults, buff her allies ults, do crazy amounts of healing and decent damage. All from afar.  
  • Her mobility and lack of defenses is likely going  to be her biggest weakness. If she gets caught out it’s going to be difficult for her to survive. In some ways she reminds us a lot of Zenyatta.

Ana seems very typical of the first character released post launch in that she looks like she'll address a lot of problems in the meta. She can put targets to sleep and throw off timings of ults which makes the big ult team fights less predictable, she can disable healing which makes healers much reliant which also weakens tanks a bit especially Roadhog, and her nano boost encourages heroes that run in kill on their own like Tracer and Genji who didn't have much presence in the current meta

A quick video of her gameplay can be found here:

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ArtesMan1989 · a few seconds ago

The meta will be 2 healers, 1 tank and maybe 3 dps now ?