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Boosting in Overwatch

High ranking players are queueing with very low ranking players to sandbag their rank and dumpster on low people.

Smurfing, boosting, sandbagging whatever you want to call it the problem is the same. What’s worse is Blizzard actually REWARDS these players. By queueing with the low ranks the team is categorized as ‘underdogs’.

Underdog teams receive a significantly increased rank gain.

The friends of these high ranking players are even going as far as purchasing a new account.  So even though their rank can be as low as 40 they are actually a 70+ skilled player.

We have insider information that the person in this screenshot smurfing on the Rank 40 is one of the players who was recently chosen by Blizzard to play in the Overwatch World Cup. This disgraceful behavior for someone who is supposed to represent the high-ranked community should not be tolerated

There's a couple proposed solutions for this problem. 

  • Player should only be able to queue with people (+/-) 5 ranks below them. They actually had this system in the beta and I don’t know why they removed it.
  • Another idea is to take the highest ranked player in a group and remove all consideration of the lower levels when finding a match.

Heroes of the Storm has a rank difference cap so why don’t they have it in Overwatch?

I also feel that the underdog system needs to be completely re-designed or removed. I for one always get salty when I see an underdog team on either side because I know win or lose the potential is there to lose a lot of rank or gain a very small amount.

I know blizzard heavily monitors community feedback for competitive overwatch and I feel that they have enough time before season 2 to fix this huge issue. Until it’s fixed players are going to continue to abuse the current system.

Blizzard has recently stated that they are listening to the community and modifying their plans based on our feedback.

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