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Best Overwatch Heroes to Carry Solo Queue

What are the best overwatch characters to carry solo queue competitive games? Our friends aren’t always online to play games with us and sometimes you have to venture into the depths of competitive by yourself.

Here at Overwatchly we have done our research and determined the best Overwatch characters to carry solo queue. Without further ado:

All of these heroes have one main thing in common. An ability for healing/and or self protection AKA high survivability. This ability is crucial in solo queue when you can’t always rely on your teammates. Keep reading until the end where we pick the single best Overwatch hero to carry competitive solo queue.Furious Paul's Overwatch Strategy Guide

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Overwatch ZaryaZarya is currently one of the best overwatch heroes in the game. She is top tier for most situations. Zarya’s kit is a combination of a support/tank and DPS.  Her shields frequently save teammates while also boosting her damage.  When Zarya is fully charged she has some of the highest DPS in the game.  Top that off with her inert tankiness and self-shielding she becomes one of the most potent solo-queue threats.  Her ult is arguably the best in the game. You would think that it requires a coordinated team to pull off but it’s also extremely effective in solo queue. Her ult acts as a giant target for your entire team to focus.  Suddenly everyone is going to get a huge alert and they will all immediately know what to focus together as a team.  Zarya is the perfect mixture of survivability, high damage and clutch abilities that make her our second best pick for carrying solo queue games.

Overwatch LucioLucio’s
ult is game changing. You can protect your entire team and nullify the enemy's ults at the same time.  His ‘boop’ ability is useful on most maps and often tilts opponents.  His heals and speed boost are always going to be useful, no matter the situation. To top it off he’s very difficult to kill and does decent damage with his pistol.  Often times in solo queue people don’t want to pick a support and thus aren’t very good. There is a good reason why Lucio is picked in almost every single pro game. If you can master the basics of Lucio you will be able to carry solo queue games.  

Overwatch Soldier 76Soldier: 76
is a top tier hero in almost all situations. He’s a fast, high dps threat with a lot of survivability. When you can’t always rely on your support in solo queue Soldier 76 is a good pick. He fits into almost every single team comp and every different type of map.  His ult can also wipe out an entire team.  Unfortunately, he is very aim dependent.  If you don’t have the a lot of mechanical skill and can’t consistently land headshots he can be difficult to carry games with.  His kit is very simple but he is difficult to master. That being said - if you have great aim he can single handedly carry games.

Overwatch RoadhogRoadhog
is our pick for the best hero to carry solo queue games.  With his large health pool, high damage, self heal and game-breaking hook he is a massive threat.  He dosen’t require team coordination to excel.  Roadhog’s hook is only on a 6 second cooldown. This means that every 6 seconds he can potentially: stop an enemy ult, hook a flying Pharah, use his combo to kill the majority of the heros in the game, stop a charging reinhardt, etc.  His hook truly is broken even if it does require a certain degree of mechanical skill.  His aim is very forgiving with the huge reticles and his shots pack a ton of damage. His self heal allows him to almost constantly be in the fray of battle. Simply hook an enemy and use your combo to kill them, quickly pop around a corner and self-heal to full and jump back into the heat of battle!  Solo queue games can often be chaotic with heroes not grouping up and people running in one at a time and Roadhog is the best hero for taking advantage of this.  Roadhog is perfect for carrying solo queue games and he requires the least amount of mechanical skill in order to be effective.

Roadhog takes our vote for the best overwatch hero to carry solo queue competitive games.

Honorable mentions that didn't quite make the list include: Reaper, Tracer, Mercy and Reinhardt.

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