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Ana Patch Effect on Hero Win Rates

The first major patch post Overwatch release has had some significant effects on multiple heroes. We have analyzed data taken from three million competitive games with an average skill rating of 60. It’s important to understand how the patch has effected key heroes. D. Va and Zenyatta have been the biggest winners with key stat increases as well as boosts in win rates. Soldier: 76 and Mercy have been the biggest losers as result of the nerfs they received. Interestingly enough McCree wasn’t as overpowered as everyone perceived with a sub 50% win rate.


Let’s take a look at some of the detailed stats for each hero between the two patches to understand how specifically they were changed.


As you can see the changes to D. Va’s defense matrix has substantially increased the amount that she can block. Increasing the average damage blocked by nearly 4,000 has made her a contender for Reinhardt’s role blocking in the front lines. The pros have been playing D. Va a lot in major tournaments placing her in tier 1.


The projectile speed increased from 30 to 120 has increased Zenyatta’s average healing done by a large amount. We also saw stat increases in Transcendence Healing, Offensive Assists and Defensive Assists. Zenyatta has been transformed from being non-existent in major tournaments to seeing play in every single game. His win rate and stat increases show evidence of how big the buffs were to his kit.


Finally, as you can see Mercy on average is rezzing less players per game. The nerf to her ult has made it more difficult to charge up and she is casting it less. Mercy has moved to the very bottom of the tier in the pro-scene as a result of her nerfs.

Notes on the data used in this analysis:

  • 3 million matches comprised from 10,000 different player profiles
  • Each player has played more than 150 competitive games
  • Average skill rating of 60 and a 52% win rate

Thanks to simdezimon from reddit for collecting the data! The raw data can be seen here.

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