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3 Essential Heroes You Need To Know For Competitive Overwatch

Want to jump into competitive, but not sure who you should play? Here are the top three heroes you should be familiar with to be a great team player when it comes to competitive.

Competitive is a whole different ballgame from casual play. The game is faster, harder and there’s less room for errors. You need to know how to play the game, and play it well.

This is where heroes come in. How many can you play? More importantly, how many can you play well? If you’re planning on jumping into competitive with both feet, it better not just be one hero.

Playing Competitive: Who Do You Need To Know?

There are a handful of heroes that are great all-rounders; heroes that play well whether you’re attacking, defending, playing King of the Hill or Assault. We recommend as a minimum knowing how to play the following heroes to be a good competitive player.

Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 is the best pick for just about any match. He has fantastic short to mid-range engagement, packs a punch with his grenade launcher and is able to heal both himself and his team with an AOE heal.

On top of all that, he can sprint indefinitely, meaning he can attack and defend quickly, and is able to flank the enemy team quickly.

Try to play him at medium range, where he dominates; he can get dominated in short-range engagements if you’re fighting against people like Mei, Roadhog or Reaper.

Other tips:

  • Save his grenade launcher for finishing off enemies – using it to start an engagement is a mistake a lot of people make.
  • His ult “Tactical Visor” is powerful, but wait for an opportune moment to use it, where the enemy team is caught out in the open. Using it where the enemy team can hide behind Reinhardt’s shield or physical cover means you’ll likely waste it. 


Zarya is also a great hero for anyone looking to be a catch-all player. Played correctly, she’s a shielded tank with a grenade launcher/laser combo that just won’t die.

She packs a giant cannon that doubles as a close-range laser cannon, and a medium-range grenade launcher that’s perfect for dropping damage onto multiple enemies.
She can also shield both herself and one other ally; the most powerful element of Zarya however is the fact that her damage multiplies when her shields take damage. Many a player has made the mistake of attacking her shield and feeling the burn of her cannon a moment later as she reaches 100% damage buff.

Other Tips:

  • Zarya is best played at close to medium range; you want your shields to be up on both yourself and allies as you go into combat to get that damage buff.
  • Start with your grenade launcher as you close the gap, then switch to your laser cannon to finish them off.


Arguably the best healer in the game, Mercy is a core component of any team composition. Not only does she have one of the strongest heals in the game, she can also buff allies’ damage by 30%.
She can fly to allies and also glide slowly, in addition to her secondary weapon, her pistol (which does a surprising amount of damage).

Your job as Mercy is to stick behind your allies, flitting from one ally to the next dropping heals, and also buffing damage to the allies in the most combat-effective scenarios.

Other tips:

  • Choose whose damage to buff carefully. There’s no point buffing Reinhardt’s damage for example, if he’s standing around with his shield up. Buff those heroes who are dropping the most damage on the enemy at any given time – Bastion being a great choice in defense scenarios.
  • Your ult “Resurrect” revives all dead allies in a 15m radius with full health. Use this when 2 or more allies are downed to turn a losing match into a complete turnaround.

With these three fundamental heroes, you have plenty of damage, tankiness and healing. They’re all quite easy heroes to learn and play also, meaning it won’t take you much to play them well!  

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