Sombra, Our Savior!

Sombra has been officially unveiled and she's sure to shake things up. A meta dominated by Zarya, Lucio, Reinhardt and Ana has become quite stale to watch. It’s about time we get the counter Overwatch deserves.


How To Run Triple Support

The latest patch introduced Ana, the support sniper, and included major buffs to Zenyatta. Overwatch has undergone a transformation; gone is the static support meta of repetitive Mercy and Lucio to make way for four viable supports - and even all five on defence. There was much talk before this patch about the possibility of a triple support composition, but how viable is it in reality?

The patch hit less than a week ago, so if you’re not familiar with the changes then check out our article to get to grips with the differences. Top teams have had some time to experiment with Ana, Zen, and a variety of different team compositions in their scrims and matches. I spoke to a range of support players from the best teams in the world to see what they were trying and how they were adapting!

High ranking players are queueing with very low ranking players to sandbag their rank and dumpster on low people.

The first major patch post Overwatch release has had some significant effects on multiple heroes. We have analyzed data taken from three million competitive games with an average skill rating of 60. It’s important to understand how the patch has effected key heroes. D. Va and Zenyatta have been the biggest winners with key stat increases as well as boosts in win rates. Soldier: 76 and Mercy have been the biggest losers as result of the nerfs they received. Interestingly enough McCree wasn’t as overpowered as everyone perceived with a sub 50% win rate.

We've created a graph of the hero pick rates from the past weekends tournaments.  Each hero is listed with the total playtime in minutes that they were used in the tournaments.  From this data we can create tier lists.

S Tier: McCree, Zenyatta, Lucio
A Tier: Genji, D.Va, Reinhardt, Zarya
B Tier: Winston
C Tier: Reaper, Mercy, Roadhog, Tracer, Soldier: 76
F Tier: Junkrat, Ana, Torbjorn, Pharah, Widowmaker, Mei, Bastion, Hanzo, Symmetra

New patch will seismically shift the meta

New patches always create big splashes in the meta. With the introduction of a new hero, three hero reworks, self-healing charging ults, numerous balance changes and the tweaking of overtime we strongly feel that this patch is going to create a seismic shift in the meta.

Projectile Hitbox Massively Nerfed on the PTR

In an effort to address how people could get hit when hidden behind corners, Blizzard has massively nerfed the projectile hitbox size. The biggest change this patch wasn’t even mentioned in the patch notes.

Mercy nerfed? D.Va and Zenyatta buffed

Mercy's ult charge time will take longer to charge. She can now ult while moving to increase survivability and right click will be buffed. Is this a nerf or a buff?! It's still early to tell.

Zenyatta has received a huge buff! Tier S meta pick here we come. Read below for details.

D.Va buffed a bit but she still seems like a lame duck.

Examining Ana's Kit

Ana, Overwatch’s newest hero joins the fray! She’s a support type hero that packs a lot of tricks up her sleeve. We examine her kit and abilities as well as showcase a gameplay video.

Strategies for Winning Sudden Death

We’ve all faced sudden death cheese. The gate opens and 5 Winston's instantly jump on the objective. Two minutes later and the game has been won - you didn’t even have enough time to react.  This is why it’s crucial to be prepared for all sudden death tactics.

Sombra the Sniper Healer Hybrid

News has broken about an upcoming hero that Blizzard are teasing; a sniper-healer hybrid named Sombra. Not much is currently known about Overwatch's newest character.

Symmetra Portal Concept

A la Portal - A new idea has been brought forth to make a vision in Symmetra's portal of it's current location.

Best Overwatch Heroes to Carry Solo Queue

What are the best overwatch characters to carry solo queue competitive games? Our friends aren’t always online to play games with us and sometimes you have to venture into the depths of competitive by yourself.

Why More Pros are Going Whole Hog

When it comes to tanks, Roadhog has always been a solid choice for players that want to play a more aggressive hero that can soak up damage. Despite how fun he is to play, he was conspicuously absent from most pro games during the first few weeks of Overwatch's launch.